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"Tierheim Santorini"

New tires for our excavator in our shelter on Santorini


2.000.- Euro for new tires for our JCB
If you have your own animal shelter, like Tierschutzverein Santorini Germany does, this means a lot of running costs. This affects not only the care of the animals with food and medicine, the salaries of the workers and veterinary costs etc., it means also cost for repairs to the terrain, buildings and also of the vehicles.
So our excavator needed new tires. The excavator is used quite often because the shelter is still under construction and there is a lot of work to be done where the excavator is urgently needed. The costs of the new tires are 2,000 euros, 800 euros for the two front tires and 1,200 euros for the two rear tires.
Luckily time by time we get some donations from people they know about our work and want to support us, so that we are able to finance the tires from this money. Thanks to all the people they help us to do our work for the animals on Santorini.
If you also would like to support us in the further development and expansion of our animal shelter on Santorini, we would be very grateful and happy about.
In that case you can transfer your donation to the following bank account:


Tierschutzverein Santorini e.V.

Spendenkonto:  Volksbank Alzey-Worms  

BIC: GENODE61AZY   IBAN: DE76 55091200 0083679409


Thanks a lot !



Die alten abgenutzten Reifen: / The old warn tires:


Die neuen Reifen: / The new tires:


Unser Bagger in der Werkstatt: / Our excavator in the garage:



Nun kann die Arbeit weiter gehen... / Now the work can go on...

























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